Choosing the Right Funeral Officiant or Minister.

Choosing the Right Officiant or Minister

The changes in the variety of funerals over the past few years have been enormous; most of these changes have been for the better. Whilst dignity and respect are still our bywords, we have found that a far more personal approach can help you through the very worst of times.

It is your choice in the type of service you require, we will always endeavour to provide you with a minister who is just right for your wishes.

They will spend time with you to gather as much information about the deceased as possible. In our experience the more personal the service is, the more it will be a “celebration of a life” and will genuinely help you through bereavement.

We have access to ministers of all denominations for religious funerals and non-religious (Humanist) officiants.

If you already have someone in mind who you want to conduct the service, we will liaise with your chosen individual to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Owen Baker treats all our customers with equal respect and dignity regardless of belief system, race, gender or sexuality.Traditional FuneralsHumainist and non religious funeralsFunerals for all denominations