Woodland Burials


Many families are now requesting an entirely “green” funeral, and there are some truly beautiful Woodland Burial sites scattered around the countryside, often a stones throw from the urban landscape.

Graves can be simply marked with a tree planted in the memory of your loved one and even the Coffins used are one hundred percent biodegradable. Choices of Willow, Bamboo or even the new “Eco pods”… made entirely from recycled paper are available.

Woodland Burials offer an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to traditional funerals at sited that are managed to encourage native wildlife, plants and wild flowers.

Manchester City Council is now able to offer a Woodlands Burial facility within its 15 hectare Cemetery at Blackley in North Manchester. The ‘Woodlands’ provides an undisturbed place of rest in a setting that is a natural woodland overlooking the Pennine Hills.

Whether you choose this option or If you have a plot elsewhere which has been approved for Woodland Burials, we can help organise the ceremony

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